Bookstore Spotlight #1: Shakespeare and Company, Paris

I am sure this is a surprise to literally no one, but whenever I travel anywhere, one of my very first questions is “do they have a bookstore?”

Now, the answer to this question is never Barnes & Noble, and it is certainly not one of the new Amazon Books storefronts. Though I do understand that some places out there do not have a local independent bookstore, as a bookseller who works in a (wonderful and super cute) independent bookstore, I feel it is important not only to celebrate indies, but actively seek them out and support them. I know that I have a bookstore bucket list, and I figured that this list would be a great way to showcase some of the beautiful bookstores out there in the world. And to kick off this series, what better bookstore to talk about then the lovely Shakespeare and Company, located in the heart of Paris?


Bookstore Spotlight 1

Shakespeare &Company

I love this bookstore. It is so beautiful, there is so much history associated with it, and it’s in my favorite city in the world. Whenever I end up in Paris it is basically a requirement that I go there and wander around.

As I am half French, I am fortunate enough that I have been to Paris multiple times, in order to visit family. Shakespeare & Co. is always on my to-do list, and in my opinion, it is definitely worth stopping by. It is right on the Seine, and right next to the Notre Dame. They recently added a cafe, they have a bookstore cat (who unfortunately had very little interest in becoming friends with me), and overall its' . just the best. I feel like this is a super ramble-y blog post, but frankly I love this bookstore too much to I think say anything coherent. It is a must-visit place if you end up in Paris.

The last time I was in Paris, my boyfriend and I spent a full week wandering around the city. He’s really into food, and spent months ahead of our time there researching restaurants, and figuring out which places he absolutely wanted to visit. His list was vast and spanned all across the city, which was great. Though I certainly had a few landmarks that I wanted to see, the only place I was truly adamant about visiting was Shakespeare & Company.

Paris is hands down my favorite city in the world, so it makes sense that it is home to one of the coolest bookstores out there. above I’ve also shared .a few book shots (purchased from Shakespeare & Co, of course), the view from our AirBnB window and a cute cafe.